Welcome to CCCAust (NSW)

What a wonderful time in history we live in.  Technology is advancing at an amazing rate,  where we have more information than ever at our finger tips.  The more we work out the more we seem to want to know.

Likewise we live in exciting Spiritual times, where we have a great openness and hunger for things of a spiritual nature.  Our society openly explores spirituallity through cinema, music, daily newspapers or while chatting to friends and neighbours, we all have this inbuilt desire to understand what life is about.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus walked this earth, claiming to be the Son of God.  He spent his time with men and women sharing spiritual secrets about life and how to know God.

CCCAust (NSW) is a group of Independant Churches who are interested in discussing Jesus claims to be the saviour of the world, bringing a conversation to our communities about God and his desire for our society and our individual lives.