Ministry Support NSW Documentation


Ministry Support NSW aims to help Churches by encouraging

  • Evangelism,
  • Church Growth,
  • Church Planting and
  • Spiritual Renewal

This is achieved by

  • Promoting the spread of Christianity through evangelism, teaching and pastoral care;
  • Helping people come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Contributing to spiritual growth and welfare of churches;
  • Enabling people to engage in a full time or part time role in Christian ministry in NSW; and
  • Supporting the ministries of para-church organisations.

Ministry Support NSW has been established by the NSW Co-ordinating Conference to make a positive contribution to the practical and prayer support of ministry workers in churches and ministry organisations across the State.
Ministry Support NSW has a Christ centred vision to grow the resources available for initiatives in evangelism, church growth, spiritual renewal and church planting.  As well, Ministry Support NSW seeks to have a role in enabling Christians to take up opportunities in ministry training and theological studies.  This initiative is aimed at growing the skill base and the ministry resources available to churches and para church organisations. The Co-ordinating Conference and Ministry Support NSW is establishing partnerships with churches and para church organisations such as Stewards Foundation to make funds available and bring exciting new opportunities to fruition.

Financial assistance can be provided in one of three ways:

  1.  A regular monthly contribution for a period of three years toward the support of a ministry worker engaged in;
  • Church planting.
  • Church revitalisation.
  • A new ministry initiative in evangelism.

Contributions will be made to the church or the organisation where the person works or is employed, ie; the church or the organisation will be responsible to make appropriate employment arrangements and ensure matters such as taxation and superannuation are correctly and legally addressed; and

Contributions will only be made to churches or organisations that have an appropriate plan for the current and future financial and ministry support of the worker; and

All funding allocations will be for a period of three years after which the local church or the ministry organisation will be required to take full responsibility.

2.  Scholarships for theological study and ministry training including contribution to tuition fees or the cost of books and reference material for people who are committed to entering a ministry role in a CCC church or organisation; or,

3.  One off seed funding for new initiatives to enable a church with limited financial resources to upgrade a vital item of equipment or train its members, eg data projector, presentation software, ministry training for a music team, etc.


Churches can download the application form below to apply for funding.


This program has seen churches grow and we would encourage churches and individuals to consider giving to this fund to help encourage the growth of churches.

To support this fund, monies can be directed to

Cheques made payable to:

PO Box 260, Burwood NSW 2134

or by EFT to:

BSB: 082 057 Account No: 036865532
Reference on the transfer of funds should be MINISTRY and church name or your name

or Bequests

We are constantly looking f​or funds to support the work of the Lord in NSW.   ​The reports below show the great benefit of the contribution Ministry Support NSW makes to the support of Christian workers in our churches.  We have been greatly blessed over the past couple of years by some who have left bequests to Ministry Support NSW.   This significantly improves our ability to provide funds for Christian ministry in NSW.    If you would like to help in this manner, then you can have the following clause added to your will which will allow funds to be directed to this work.

“I GIVE the sum of (please nominate the amount) or alternatively the (please nominate a percentage % of your residue estate) % of my residue estate, to CCCAust(NSW) Incorporated for the purposes of supporting the Treasurers of the NSW Christian Brethren Assemblies Ministry Workers Support Fund and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Treasurer of CCCAust(NSW) Incorporated shall be a full and complete discharge to my Executor.”