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CCCAust(NSW) are an approved provider of Special Religious Education (SRE).  We are a member of ICCOREIS and ensure our teachers adhere to the NSW Department of Education Special Religious Education Procedures.

Our churches are locally governed and thus locally responsible for certification of their teachers.  CCCAust(NSW) provides training and documentation to our church network to help local churches implement the authorisation process for new SRE teachers.  As such CCCAust(NSW) will

  • Provide Accreditation Training for new SRE teachers
  • Provide an SRE Engagement process for churches to follow and submit to us for checking to ensure teachers meet the base SRE teaching requirements.
  • Issue name tags to churches of teachers who have met the base SRE teaching requirements.
  • Provide ongoing teacher training opportunities for current SRE teachers.
  • Provide policies for churches to implement around SRE.  These include
    • Teacher Authorisation Process
    • Teacher Audit Process
    • Complaints Policies and Procedures for SRE (including a Complaint form)
    • Teacher Basic Training Policy
    • Teachers Manual
    • Social Media Policy and Procedures
    • Interactive Whiteboard and Digital Projectors information sheet
    • Accreditation Training Manual
    • SRE Engagement Form

These policies are available to churches on request or via our training processes.


Our SRE teachers typically use CEP (Connect) or Godspace curriculum in the classroom.
To view curriculum please click on links below. (links to the currently available curriculum from these providers)

Primary SchoolsHigh Schools
CEP ConnectThink Faith
Access Ministries

Where an individual church uses alternative curriculum, we ask them to clearly state and show their curriculum (scope and sequence) on their local church website.

The local church approves the Curriculum that their approved SRE teachers use.  The local church review the available curriculums every 5 years.

If Parents and Caregivers would like further information about Curriculum taught in a particular school by one of our churches, they should contact the “Church SRE Coordinator” for that School.  We provide ‘Church SRE Coordinator’ contact details to every school we teach in.  If you are unable to gather this information through the school for some reason, then you can email us at and we will provide contact details for the local “Church SRE Coordinator”.  In your email please specify which school your are referring to so we can identify which church we need to contact.


For CCCAust(NSW) to issue a Name Tag for use by an SRE Teacher, the church needs to ensure that the prospective teacher has filled in an SRE Engagement Form, showing that the teacher has met the following requirements:

  1. The teacher has signed a Statutory Declaration that they have not committed criminal offences that would exclude them from teaching SRE
  2. The Teacher has a Verified (by the church) Working with Children Check Number
  3. The Teacher has completed the Accreditation Course (As run by CCCAust(NSW) or equivalent)
  4. The Teacher has completed a Child Protection Course (These need to be updated yearly)
  5. The Teacher has agreed to undergo yearly training to improve their classroom teaching skills
  6. The Teacher agrees to use Curriculum approved by the local church and as publicised on this website or the local church website.

Accreditation Courses are run periodically or on request from churches.
The teacher audit process will guide the focus for ongoing teacher training and the topics identified will be included in the annual assurance to the department.’

SRE upskilling training courses are run each year for SRE teachers to meet their ongoing development requirements.

Below is a list of our authorisation processes and forms

DocumentDownload link
Teacher Authorisation ProcessesDownload Paper
SRE Engagement Form (with Accreditation Quiz)Download Paper
SRE Engagement Form (Renewal Form - no quiz)
Download Paper
Teacher Basic Training RequirementsDownload Paper


Our churches are individually governed and the local church approves SRE Teachers to teach in schools.  As a family of churches, we have a common Complaint Handling System, where any Complaints or Feedback should be directed to the Local Church SRE Coordinator in writing.  In accordance with our “Teacher Authorisation Process” and DoE policy, each Local Church with SRE teachers need to submit a “List of Authorised SRE Teachers” to the school.  This form will list the SRE Church Coordinator, their contact details.  Please submit your complaint form to the SRE Church Coordinator.  If you cannot obtain this information through the School, then please email with a request for contact details for the SRE Church Coordinator and we’ll contact the church and find out who you should contact and send the Complaint to.

DocumentDownload link
Complaint Policies and Procedures for SREDownload Paper
SRE Complaint and Feedback Form (Rec 023)Download Paper
DoE Complaint ProceduresDownload Paper


DocumentDownload Link
Social Media Policy and ProceduresDownload Paper
Using Interactive Whiteboard and Digital ProjectorsDownload Paper
SRE Teacher Audit ProcessDownload Paper
Letter to School Principal (PDF)Download Paper
Letter to School Principal (Word)Download Paper
SRE Combined Arrangements (PDF)Download Paper
SRE Combined Arrangements (Word)Download Paper