Ministry Support NSW Documentation


We are constantly looking f​or funds to support the work of the Lord in NSW.   ​The reports below show the great benefit of the contribution Ministry Support NSW makes to the support of Christian workers in our churches.  We have been greatly blessed over the past couple of years by some who have left bequests to Ministry Support NSW.   This significantly improves our ability to provide funds for Christian ministry in NSW.    If you would like to help in this manner, then you can have the following clause added to your will which will allow funds to be directed to this work.

“I GIVE the sum of (please nominate the amount) or alternatively the (please nominate a percentage % of your residue estate) % of my residue estate, to CCCAust(NSW) Incorporated for the purposes of supporting the Treasurers of the NSW Christian Brethren Assemblies Ministry Workers Support Fund and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Treasurer of CCCAust(NSW) Incorporated shall be a full and complete discharge to my Executor.”


​Ministry Support (NSW) Report JULY 2015

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