BUILD Conference

BUILD 2018 – 23rd – 24th MARCH 2018


Men love to build. The question is how do you build a life that will be truly worth while and stand the test of time? What does a life built for God actually look like and how do Aussie blokes go about doing that?

​​”The Imperfect Disciple” 

​Imperfect disciples living in an imperfect world, what could go wrong? You feel it, don’t you? That nagging guilt that everyone else is doing better at this ‘following Jesus’ thing than than you are. That deep sense of self-conscious disapproval mixed with a subtle certainty that God is only just tolerating you. And as you watch in disbelief as our world spirals seemingly out-of-control, you silently shrug your shoulders and wonder, “What’s the point, what difference could I make?”


That’s why you need to join your brothers as we find healing and hope in the glorious treasures of the gospel. Join us at BUILD’18 as we hear from Jared Wilson and Gavin Mork, each bringing to bear the gospel in a way that both soothes our hurts as well as strengthens our resolve. Jared will speak to the subject of living as imperfect disciples, while Gavin will address how we, as men, can stand with gospel-centred surety and grace in a fast changing world.






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